Day Two Thursday 12 March

Registration, coffee and networking
Opening remarks from the Chair

Andrew Batt
Chief Executive Officer

Keynote Case Study: How innovation changed the way Australians view sport
  • Examining the processes undertaken to launch a dedicated sports streaming app in Australia
  • How Kayo Sports introduced cost-effective sports programming designed to suit the needs of their customers
  • Improving the products, services, and features to increase customer retention

Adam King
Chief Audience, Commerce and Data Officer
Kayo Sports

Using data to enhance your brand identity and loyalty
Understanding what your subscription experience is providing to your customers
  • Continual analysis and improvement of your on-going value proposition
  • Highlighting the importance of personalised experiences
  • Developing the appropriate processes to guarantee on-demand fulfilment

Michael Higgins
Managing Director & Co-Founder
Blinker Car Subscription

Subscriptions: Always On

In this international Keynote presentation we welcome Phil Pomford, General Manager, Global Enterprise eCommerce – Asia Pacific at WorldPay, From video games to B2B technology, TV to yoga lessons, consumers are committing to monthly payments in almost every sector. But is that because subscriptions are inherently attractive to consumers, or are they just a means to an end? And how does the structure of subscription-based products affect businesses and their day-to-day operations? As one of the world’s foremost payment experts, we’ve explored users’ relationships with subscriptions, delved deeper into the growth of this model, and analysed how brands can capitalize.

Phil Pomford
General Manager, Global Enterprise eCommerce – Asia Pacific
World Pay

Morning tea and networking

Pricing and Packaging for subscription businesses
  • How to balance acquisition, retention and monetization to drive long term growth
  • How to design a product portfolio that maximizes your reach
  • Why how you charge is as important as what you charge
  • How to be smart in making price changes

Jason Carley
Simon-Kutcher & Partners

Using your brand equity to create market value
  • Pitching your product to create its own market value
  • Leveraging your positive brand to connect with customers
  • Driving subscriptions on an emotional and ethical level

Speaker to be announced

Lunch and networking
Panel Discussion: Highlighting what a business in the subscription economy needs to focus on to build long-term loyalty
  • Strategies to retain existing customers
  • How to best monitor customer usage of your service
  • Uncover new ways to deliver ongoing value to your customers

Andrew Batt
Chief Executive Officer

Karl Sice
Country Business Leader – ANZ
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Lewis Mitchell
Partnerships Lead – ANZ

Jay Whitmore
Enterprise Sales Manager

Jonathan Slattery
Project Manager

Legal update
The subscription economy and Australia’s legal requirements
  • Understanding the legal issues your organisation needs to keep in mind while you’re developing your subscription service
  • Outlining the relevant state and federal legislative regimes you need to be aware of regarding advertising claims for your products and services
  • Highlighting the law as it relates to auto-renewal payments

James Adler
Senior Lawyer

Afternoon tea and networking
Strategies to increase customer satisfaction and retention
Building a subscription based B2B business and the Value Infinity Loop
  • Do you really know your customers?
  • Can you anticipate their purchasing behaviour?
  • Do you understand what drives them to purchase – from you or your competition?

In this session, you will explore why knowing your customers and providing ongoing value is the crux of a successful subscription business. Moloney shares some of her challenges and barriers as well as the all-important steps your business could take to create value that appeals to your subscribers and turn the churn.

Lauren Moloney
General Manager, Growth & Customer Commercialisation SMB
News Xtend


Customer retention: Highlighting the key areas to consider when looking to reduce customer churn in a subscription-based business
  • Are customers using the service to the best of its ability
  • Reducing churn through the effective use of usage billing
  • How to use product launches to minimise churn without giving away significant discounts on services

Varun Bhandarkar
Manager – Customer Success Australia and New Zealand

Closing remarks from the Chair
End of Conference